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Why do you need a Will?

A will is your instruction to your executors (who you appoint) as to how you want your assets
distributed when you die and how you want your family looked after.
It is much easier for your loved ones if you leave a will than if you die without a will.
Anyone who is over 18 and of sound mind can make a will.

Every adult should have a will and ideally review when important life changes occur
(e.g. a new relationship or a child is born) and say every five years.
You can cancel or change your will at any time.
Your will should be kept in a safe place and you should tell your executor
or your dependants and loved ones where it is held. 

If you die without a will

your loved ones will need to apply for Letters of Administration which usually takes longer and is more expensive than dying with a will. Also, you lose control of what happens with your assets after you die as the Administration Act specifies how your assets will be distributed.

How we can help

We can make a will for you. Your Will may include: An executor (the person who is responsible for carrying out your wishes), provide for payment of your bills, provide for your dependants and loved ones, name guardians of your children, make gifts and name the people who are to inherit your assets.

Key areas

· Drafting and explanation of the will
· Identification and realisation of assets
· Probate applications and letters of administration
· Payment of creditors
· Distribution of assets to beneficiaries

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