Letter of engagement

Thank you for approaching us in this matter.  We will be pleased to act for you.  We enclose some material which sets out:

  1. Information for clients which lawyers are required by the New Zealand Law Society to provide; and
  1. Our standard Terms of Trade.


The following is a summary of the legal services we expect to be providing to you:

  • Ongoing legal services as agreed by us from time to time.

If an estimate is given, this is based on the above service being provided and to the transaction proceeding in a straight-forward manner.  If additional services are required then we will charge in addition to the estimated fee as set out in the annexed Terms of Trade.


The scope of services to be provided specifically excludes:  Advice in relation to the quality of any investment, financial advice, accounting and taxation advice, LIM/Council records, building reports, valuations and other specialists.

We are general practitioners whose scope of work includes the services to be provided outlined above.  However, on occasion the work you may need or require may fall outside our scope of general practice ( including but not limited to disputes, litigation and/or specialist matters ) in which case we may recommend you seek advice from a specialist or Barrister directly.  We also reserve the right to refer all of or aspects of your matter to a Barrister (including but not limited to Glenn Mason, Palmerston North) and his/her fees will either be charged to you as a disbursement or included in our own fee.


The names and status of the people in our firm who will have the general carriage of or overall responsibility for the services we provide for you are:

Alison Margaret Green, Director, LLB
Samuel Green, Director, LLB and BCom
Mary Chapman, Registered Legal Executive, FNZILE and JP

In addition, support staff may also work on this file.


Our liability in this matter is strictly limited to the services to be provided specifically itemised above and shall not exceed the amount for which we are insured under our policy of Professional Indemnity Insurance in relation to the loss suffered.

Our Trust Account is held with ASB Bank Limited.  We refer you to clauses 8.1 and 8.2 annexed Terms of Trade.  You authorise us not to put your funds in our trust account on interest bearing deposit, except at our discretion. You also agree that if the funds are placed on interest bearing deposit we are not responsible for obtaining the best interest rate available or for any loss you may suffer as a result of any delay placing funds on interest bearing deposit. You also agree that we cannot accept liability for losses to client funds held in our Trust Account caused by Bank failure of any kind.

If the information in this letter and the accompanying material is acceptable, please sign the attached copy of this letter where indicated and return it to us.  You will be bound by these terms if after receipt of this letter, you orally advise us of your acceptance or if you instruct us to proceed to act for you.


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